Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WW: Floors and everything!

Work on the house is cruising under the skilled supervision of master contractor, Dick Sorum. Not only is he a really terrific guy who smiles when he sees our kids coming, but he is just as concerned about not going over budget as well as keeping the historical integrity of the house as we are. (Pamela, if you are reading this, we owe you BIG!) Winning combo!
This picture is taken from about where the wall between the dining room and kitchen used to be, the kitchen to the right. The window to the right will be removed in order to extend the kitchen bathroom, adding a (gasp) door that separates the bathroom from the pantry.

Standing in the pantry, looking across the kitchen and into the dining room. The windows to the left are above where the kitchen sink will be. Cool floor, eh? (there was just a hole before).

Brand-spanking new back stairs. Woohoo!
Brand-spanking new picture window in the living room. Another one of God's provisions. This window retails for $2300. Dick found a brand new one for $900. All of the other windows in the house are going to be replaced- 23, count em'- and, not only will this one now match, but it's also double paned and insulated. Love it!
Standing in the dining room looking across the living room to the left, and the kitchen, on into the pantry, to the right.

We removed a closet in the room that leads to the walk-up attic, so added closets between the wall that is shares with the adjacent room. We are also expanding the closets in the 3rd and 4th bedrooms. With lighting. And fininshing the attic.


TechWife said...

How exciting for your family! I hope things go smoothly and you get to move in soon - 8 weeks will be over in a flash.

Hen Jen said...

excited for you! The no smoke smell is such great news!