Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In the past 4 months we/I have evaluated most of our earthly possessions. I think that we are about at the end, as we handed our insurance agent another stack of sheets, 30 lines to a page, with values assigned, of items that we no longer owned. It's odd how going line by line causes one to see up close and personal what has been of value, invested in, cared for and nurtured in the life of a person or family.
I'm tired of considering. Mainly because and I'm weary of wondering. Did the money, time, thought and care that we put here, neglect or nurture well? Was it a waste or wisely invested.

One of my favorite movie scenes is in Pride & Prejudice, during the double wedding at the end of the movie. The minister is going over the reasons for marriage and the director cuts to different couples in the story; their lives are a picture for or against the principal the minister is expounding upon. And similarly, we've been given a cut-away view to each area of "stuff."Did it contribute to or against the principals that we are committed to living?

Hopefully, the last page is done. We can go to the next area of time investment, moving on from what was to what's next. And I'm glad. We're ready.

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Hen Jen said...

I'm so sorry for your trial. Happy for you that you are moving on to the next stage.