Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just Stuff

What I'm thinking: about the economic discussion from yesterday.
What I'm reading: Lighting Their Fires & There Are No Shortcuts both by Rafe Esquith. Read with paper and pencil handy.
What I'm listening to: A spring symphony- birds chirping.
What I'm watching: Pay It Forward. Intense, dramatic & thought provoking. Full of swear words and decadence but also full of hope. Cub was furiously sad during one scene. Fortunately he's been learning lit analysis and we spent 1/2 hour talking about the protagonist, antagonist, conflict and resolution. Interesting how much peace knowledge can give one.
What we're learning: How to follow a master schedule despite living with a man who comes and goes at odd hours.
What's cooking: Way to many quesadillas.
What I'm buying: Not much. Waiting on influx of $ from insurance company.
What I'm wearing: black jeans, orange and yellow shirt that I love and black soft sweater. Black shoes that I've had forever and think of as old friends but are way to beat and kill my feet by the end of the day.
What I'm thankful for: John the Baptist and Zechariah. Great theory Viking Man told me yesterday about their role in the temple and one of the historical theories about why John wore camel skins and ate wild locust. Living with a geek has definite advantages.
What I'm creating: Lists of movies and books and unit studies. Schedules for the next school year.
What I'm Praying: What Next?
What I'm planning: Our second floor at the acreage and photo ops.
What I'm looking forward to: Gardening -just a matter of weeks to go! Seed catalogs are my friend (and KB's too).
A picture to share: Check back tomorrow...

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Shannon O'Donnell said...

Oh, I am waiting for gardening too! Spring, Spring, wherefore art thou?! :-)