Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WW II. Rinse. Repeat.

Becasue I am usually the last person to watch any given movie we viewed Defiance last night while the notsolittles watched Narnia II (a movie that veers far enough off from the well-beloved book that I just barely like it). We had to pause the movie and quiz Viking Man on the history of the Jews and the dispersion. It seems like such a small thing and also enormous that the Jews wandered the earth for almost 1900 years before they had a place to call home. We have 3 friends that are Messianic Jews and we hold them in the highest regard. They think deeply and well. They love passionately. They laugh out loud. They enjoy good food and talking and story telling and are down to earth and earthy and wise and will whap you with one hand and pull you in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek with the other. Viking Man kids that I'm a Jewish mother because I am bossy and opinionated and whap with one hand and hug with the other. Hey, German or not, it's what I do.
It has struck me this year that true defiance to the brutality of the Nazi's occurred because individual people stood on principal: Irena Sandler, Schindler, TenBoom, Stauffenberg and so many more. They did not live passively, waiting for what was to come. They acted decisively even when it looked crazy and foolish to do so. I wonder what they would think of the plethora of "leadership" material that has flooded the passive pews of this generation?

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