Monday, July 13, 2009

Back from an unintentional board break.

Watched Valkyrie last night with the older girls. KB wanted to know if I got my WWII fix for the week - though it's not entirely of my own making. The flick was very good, sobering, well-done. Braveheart with out all of the gut-wrenching emotion and violence.

2 things struck me.

  1. Stauffenberg was loved well. The few scenes shot with his wife and family were just enough to convey that regardless of what he had or didn't, such as his eye or hand, his wife loved him, saw the art in him, cherished him. Of course, that's far easier to portray in film than do irl but they captured the relationship of marital in-love beautifully.

  2. Stuaffenberg was singularly focused. Clear vision. Willing to take the consequences and calculated risks. A true leader.
The closing scene is particularly poignant. A shot going back of his wife, saying "Good-bye." Stauffenberg's willingness to loose everything in light of something more important than himself. Clarity of vision and purpose. Obedience without assurance of success. Courage. Faith. Knowing that regardless of outcome he must walk it out.

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