Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

Watched August Rush this week. A sweet, G rated movie about an orphan, musical genius and his parents, unmarried and longing for what could-have-been. Music is a major component of the flick and the boy is intent of listening for his parents and creating music by which they can find him. Kinda corny and a little cheesy but it was well done, the music beautiful and very much in keeping with the old Jars of Clay that talks about seeing the art in each other. Listening for the art, seeing the art, living the art.
The garden feed us this week- potatos, lots of green beans, lightly steamed with a bit of butter-ohlala, cauliflower, squash, a few cukes. The tomatoes are looking beautiful, the cukes ready to burst into full production and the basil finally looking like it's going to stay for the summer. Carrots, peppers, squashes, melons, thyme, parsley, apple and chocolate mint growing well.
Succumbed to purchasing Culture Making by Andy Rauch. Not what I expected but I'm going to dig in here-soon. Seriously.
Had another parent info night for The Daniel Academy. It is such a unique, cool, cutting edge, yougottadoit kinda program.

The flowers in the front beds are a riot of color- daisys, petunias, echinacea, mums, allysum, 4 kinds of sedum, lilies, babies breathe, aster, marigolds, mexican hat, morning glorys, zebra grass, snapdragons, bachelors buttons and a few more I don't know the names of. The sunflowers and cosmos are getting ready to bloom.
Smithsonian Magazine had an article this month on painter Alex Katz. Reminded me of Potok's Asher Lev and the way art is talked about since WWII. Being a closet artist myself and one who has a minor's worth of college credit I always find it fascinating the words used to describe an artists work- heck, half the time I'm not even sure what they mean- the what describes the what? Marc Chagall is, hands down, my all time fav artist. Not because I understand the style or the technique or the terms, but just because. The music in his art speaks to me and I love the sound.
Bible Study, Genesis 28- Jacob gets married. Twice. Dude. I never realized before that Jacob married Rachel the week after he married Leah. I always thougth it was 7 years later. And why the heck hadn't Laban married Leah off before? Oh yea. Jacob, if he could avoid being done in by his furious big bro, was going to inherit the wealth. Laban worked the deal. Jacob worked the deal. I've always read this narrative and felt a lot of pity for Leah. Her dad bailed on her. Her husband bailed on her. But now I'm not so sure that she was completely helpless. Group Bible Study- good perspective from what others are observing.
3 sons. 3 times hopeful that her husband would care for her. 4th son, Judah, Leah gives up on the love of man and praises God. Jesus comes out of the tribe of Judah, vindicating her despair and honoring her praise. I love that.
Jennifer at Conversion Diaries hosts Quick Takes. Again, I'm not able to paste- what's up with that? But her link is in my side-bar.

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silverhartgirl said...

Sounds like you garden is doing great. I have been loving mine. I the cherry tomatoes I want in the backyard what can be better than that.