Thursday, June 25, 2009

WW: Summer Happenings

Isn't this a beautiful shot. KB took it. It's a keeper and going in the kitchen, framed in an old barn window. The easeful days, the deamless nights;
the homely round of plain delights.
The calm unambitioned mind,
The simple stuff of summer time.
~ Aster Austin Dobson
We have been spending much time in the "yard." First fruits: strawberries, ohlala, sweet and tangy summer perfection. Swiss chard and parsley. New potatoes, served hot with steamed parsley and fish burritos (baked fish, fresh lettuce, thin sliced cheese, mayo if you want and wrapped in a tortilla). Also, several more pounds of lettuce and the spinach, after a 2nd planting, is up! After an afternoon of "hose wars" we settled down and ate cookies and played with kittens. Flower looks funny because her mouth is full of chocolate chip (without the chip) cookies. KB added cocoa and they were yummy.
Feche-boy at his normal speed- fast. We've called him "the phantom" for years. This was the path our dear old Bree made. We miss having a horse!!

These tasted as good as they look. Lemon muffins by Queen KB. A Taste of Home recipe, again. My friend Lorena, from our gals group in CA- years and years ago, still sends me a sub every Xmas. It was a great group. We meet every.single. week. for 3 years and had dinners, went to art shows (cause one of the gals in the group was an artist- they were HER shows) Lorena taught us all how to make apple pies, and knit, they had a beautiful baby shower for me when we left CA and I was pregnant with Feche-boy and on and on and on. We were more than a Bible study or focus group or whatever. We were FRIENDS and talked about God and theology and books and art and husbands and growing and therapy and children and hardships and joys. We were all different ages and at all different places in life but we all offered something to the others and received so much. I sure miss it, sniffle. Yes, I do.
Seasons. People seasons and weather seasons and faith seasons and family seasons....and gardening seasons. Why is it that playing in the dirt is healing? I think Sir Francis Bacon might know...
God Almighty first planted a garden and indeed it is the purest of human pleasure.
~ Sir Francis Bacon


Katy said...

Looks like you're having a great summer!

servingHimblind said...

There had better be some berries when I get back!!! ;-)

Redradtech said...

Great Pictures.!!