Thursday, June 4, 2009


I want to address a name I am called rather frequently. Frankly, the fact that adults are still calling names is something to blog about but I'll save that one for later.

I'm called a sucker.

I'm called a sucker in the context of serving. Of giving. Of living selflessly. Of sacrificing.
Of creating opportunities that others benefit from.
Frequently the person calling me a sucker is one of the people benefitting from my serving.
Almost 100% of the time the person calling me a sucker is a Christian.

I always undestood the word sucker to symbolize a remora. Someone who latches on and takes from. Not the person on the front line, forging new territories, giving, living selflessly. I always defined those types of people as pioneers, leaders, sacrificially living Christians.

Seems we have definintion problem going on. Seems we have a Christian living problem going on. Maybe I'm expecting too much. Maybe I'm expecting other Christians to get off their butts and actually serve others sacrifically. Too often there's awhole army of side-liners criticisizing the few in the field, coaching from the bench in their lily whites, griping about how bad those who are dirty and beat up in the field are making them look.

I just can't live that way. Neither can Viking Man, neither can our poor, deluded sucker children. Cause problem is, if none of us were "suckers" nothing would get done. Opportunities would remain slim. Life would be bland, wonder-bread stale. Nothing new would be created. Nothing new would be explored or discovered. Becasue of that I'm committed to suckerhood. Working hard, getting things done, living beyond what is in front of me. Not settling for status-quo and simply living to look good.

Yea. If cutting the trail means being a sucker, guess I am one. Why don't you join me? Live out loud for a change. The water's just fine.

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