Monday, June 15, 2009

Worries Cease.

Things of this world cause concern. Financial disaster, divorce, a friend that finds a lump, anarchy and despotism, brothers in Christ who suffer and are tortured for their faith, governments that act illegally. The list goes on. And on. Wearily on.
We are studying Genesis in Bible Study.
Abraham tells his steward to go find a wife for Isaac.
The steward knows, believes and trusts that "the girl" will be found.
It is part of the promise, it is destined. No surprises.
Just walk it out, believe, do what you're told, trust, hope.
Hope- fulfillment.
Everyone doing their part.
Abraham sending,
The steward watching,
The girl accepting,
The groom rejoicing.
The promise fulfilled.
The worries gone.
Yes, Lord. Your will. Your way. Your time. Your Purpose.
My belief. My trust. My faith.
Your Way.
Yes, Lord.

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Miss. Elisabethh said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the story of Rebekah and Issac :)