Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Tannenbaum

The day after Thanksgiving marks the official start of the Christmas season in our household. Viking Man is all about Christmas and his mood is infectious. Again this year, we went to our local tree cutting outfit and spent time in the freezing cold contemplating, rejecting and finally deciding on the perfect tree. Once the important decision was made, the girls headed back to the car to thaw while the men cut down the tree. At the warming hut we were greeted by hot cider, candy canes, ponies to pet, turkeys to ruffle and a sleigh ride courtesy of 2 noble Percheron's. Just beautiful!

Back home, we drank hot chocolate, listened to Christmas music, decorated trees and put up garland. This old house was made for the season.

We had our first Advent reading tonight. We are going through a Jesse Tree Devotional this year and started, again, Tabitha's Travels. The littles are still on round 1 of the series, though the older kids have heard it before.

It usually gets down to serious winter here after Thanksgiving but the house is winterized and we have wood stacked. I would taunt, "bring it on" but winter is my least favorite season; I get cold in the fall and stay cold till bout' the end of planting season. I am all about mild winters and look forward to spring thaw, weather wimp that I am.
We still have a few weeks of co-op to go, we'll start play practice this week and we pick up College Woman from the airport in 8 days. I was going to try to fit in a lap-book on Christmas symbols but I think I'm running out of December. Are you getting ready for Christmas yet? What do your school plans look like?

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