Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today I am grateful:

71.For the privilage of casting my vote.
72. For the dreams and ideals that America was founded on.
73. For a Republic.
74. For a place where a man of color or a woman can hold high office.
75. For the children and adults that we have raised. Deep calls to deep and it is a joy to share the deep things of the heart with them, even when it means sharing a loss.
76. For Feche-boy's prayer last night. The depth of his theological and Biblical understanding, coupled with a faith that permeates his being blesses me to the core.
77. For KB's willingness to spend many hours campainging and praying for many different races in this election.
78. For a young pastor in E.Europe who shared a good word today.
79. For the beautiful thoughts my Catholic friend, Ann, shared today.
80. That my citizenship is not earth-bound.

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