Monday, September 29, 2008

Sabbath gratitude

This day I am thankful for:
33. For Church.
34. For Sundays. Not feeling pressured to work or produce or do. A day of rest.
35. For the park Flower & KB and I walked through today. The water, rocks and sand.
36. For Good conversation with friends.
37. For Like-minded friends.
38. That the government sits upon the shoulders of Christ and not of man.
39. For United Streaming and the fun of watching the prez debate as a fam.
40. For passionate people.
41. For John McCain's definitive arguement about the difference between a tactic and a strategy.
42. For a country where we have political change without civil war or violence.
43. For living in a republic.
44. For my dh's skill with tools.
45. For the uber cool sandbox, swing-set, playscape Viking Man is creating for the kids.
46. That Flower came into the kitchen tonight and said, "Mommy, I love Daddy. He is the best Daddy!" Sweet words.
47. For KB"s generosity in treating Flower to a little toy and a 2nd corn-dog
48. For coffee shops that are cool and comfy and inviting.
49. For home to come back to.
50. For healthy kids.

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