Thursday, September 18, 2008

1000 Gifts of Gratitude

1000 Gifts. To find out more about joining the "Gratitude Community," go to Ann Voskamps blog, "Holy Experience." You will be blessed (link in my blogroll).

1. My old farmhouse, full of charm and dust.
2. My old man (not that old, but I'm in to symmetry) full of wit and wisdom.
3. My young children (which all of them are; it's all relative, dontcha' know) full of life, and hugs and questions and youth and enthusiasm and charm and artistry and grace.
4. Clean water, which I am drinking now.
5. Allergy medicine, which I am currently benefitting from.
6. Being part of the Family of God. Invited in by Him, held fast and firm by Him, guided and directed by Him.
7. Being part of my extended family. They are a gifted lot.
8. My education, both formal and informal. The gift of growing intellectually.
9. The joy of reading.
10. My loud and rambunctious 14 year old feche child who just shouted in my ear and leaned his warm, sun-baked self on my shoulder.

More to come, but laundry calls. O.k, one more.
11. a washer and dryer that work.


Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

why does your very first gift here bring tears... "an old farmhouse full of charm and dust" bring me tears? Ah, such grace... such eyes to see the beauty everywhere...

I appreciate your heart, friend... dearly.

All's grace,

servingHimblind said...

Who is Ann Voskamp? :-)