Saturday, April 25, 2015

Home Again

Compared to the last several weeks, this one was fairly non-dramatic. We arrived home mid- Monday and Dr. Dh immediately left for an appointment in town. Tuesday, I had all day CC Director training and the kids spent the day batting at homework and enjoying the crisp spring weather.

We had our almost last co-op class and the kids dissected a frog. One of the frogs had legs and wings behind its tongue and a full blown beetle in it's stomach. The kids were grossly compelled by the sight.
Pop-quiz for poetry and we went over 25 poetry terms we've learned this year, including 10 tropes and 4 meters. The older girls are putting together a yearbook and everyone is contributing 5 poems to include. We've done a ton of poetry writing, reading, reciting and laughing. Love this class, love this curriculum (Grammar of Poetry, in case you didn't know)
Water color painting continues to inspire and Flower spends time daily water-coloring, using the various techniques she's learned. It's been a wonderful co-op. Next week, it's party and potluck! So blessed to have these friends this year!

Cub's cast came off this week and he is one happy camper- just in time for another round of ballroom dancing. He feels 20#'s lighter and a whole lot cleaner!

Scripts for Shakespeare Camp were handed out today- Love's Labor's Lost is up this year and Cub is cast as Ferdinand. He's pretty thrilled.

The kids are taking a Cartooning class next week-end at our regional homeschooling convention. Flower's been gearing up by working through the Cartooning book she got for her birthday.

Reviews aplenty coming up, including my favorite Spelling Curriculum- SpellingUSee. Until then,
Veritas Self-Paced Omnibus
Learning Palettes
Apologia What Can I Do?
Artistic Pursuits Sculpture
and a How To: Memory Master- How & Why

As always, I think summer will be a break, when it's just a different kind of busy. We have camps and Praticums and planning and work and house stuff to do that we never get to during the school year. I've already started spring cleaning by getting rid of 8 bags of clothes, a mattress and box spring and tons of curriculum. N & L didn't help much by loading us down with more gorgeous clothes for our girlie and awesome sweaters for Dr. Dh. It's nice he has a bro with great taste (maybe that's my sil!) who wears the same size and neices with modest, lovely taste in clothing. Their generosity of spirit and heart bless us in so many ways. 
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