Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fast and Furious

(Cub as George Washington. I think the blue cast adds a particularly authentic flavor).
Monday the kids spent the day putting the finishing touches on their Faces of History Presentation. This consisted of participating in a "Wax Museum," handing in a research paper, and presenting, in costume, a 5 minute presentation of their History Person of Choice. Cub choose George Washington and Flower, Shirley Temple. Her super thick hair and our crazy life left much to be desired in the 50 curl department. As I mangled her hair in the women's bathroom of the church over lunch-time, she looked at me woefully and said, "Nailed it." We left it at that and she did Shirley in costume, sans curls.

Tuesday we had our End of Year Celebration for CC which included a community wide-Review, presentation of our 3 Amazing Memory Masters! (Way to go Miss, P, Miss. D and Flower!). So very proud of all of them!- the Chicken Dance ala Essentials Class, the Wax Museum, lunch and Faces of History for Essentials.

The Tutors met for Dinner that night- we had a  great time sharing successes, challenges and laughing our heads off! What a FUN and talented group of women to have hung around with all year!

Wednesday we packed and Flower, Dr. Dh and I headed east with a short evening and then a super long day of driving. D.C. here we come. Dr. Dh loved his conference and then we took a trip out to Chesapeake Bay, ate Crab and walked in sand.The next day we did  quick blast through several Memorials before heading east again where we stopped at our favorite Aunt and Uncles, ate a quick lunch with the newlyweds at the Riverfront and then kept going.

We got home about a day late, did massive bed-bug de-tox and proceeded to immediately go to work. Meanwhile, the boys had gone dancing, attended the annual Spring Dinner Dance and attended graduation parties in our absence.

Flower was thrilled that we actually touched the places she's studied so hard this year in Geography.
Missouri River, Mississippi River, Ohio River, O & E Canal (o.k., not one we studied but a canal, nevertheless), the Great Valley, the Allegheny Mnts, Chesapeake Bay, Cumberland Road, Eastern Woodlands, Plains, along with 9 states, as well as the District of Columbia. Not a bad end of Cycle 3 field trip, though she is still counting on her Zoo Day as reward for MM>

We say 3 semi-accidents, including an overturned truck on a mountain pass, late at night, in the rain (o.k., closer than saw- we almost hit the truck). Flower ended up sick as a dog (projectile vomiting) every bite of sea-food she ate and declared with resolution the next day that she hated sea-food. It rained and rained and rained and rained until we hit Iowa. Then clear, open skies all the way home. The flower trees and balmy spring weather on the east coast were lovely.

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