Saturday, April 11, 2015

The End in Sight

It was another busy week. Tuesday Flower did her final Memory Master proof, and along with 2 other crazy hard workers in our CC community earned the imitable title of MM! Way to go, kiddos! (Way to go, MM Mommas!)
We went right from that to putting on the finishing touches to the Faces of History paper and presentation. One more week, 2 more papers and our 20 paper, zillion chart Essentials year is over. It's been good. Our diagramming skills have improved. Our grammar mastery has improved and we get what makes a correct sentence. Coupled with IEW, we get what makes a GOOD sentence!

Challenge A is right around the corner and I am gearing up. Can't wait to jump in. This is going to be one of my big curriculum purchases of the year. Basement wall, get ready!
Cub is almost through the History of the Ancient World. His recent comments have ranged from, "EW, Ancient Greeks were disgusting," to "EW, Ancient Scythians were disgusting." Yeah, pagan societies tend to curl ones toes. Even with that he is a total SWB fan-boy.

Thursday we did more dissection- a starfish this week. Ew. Gross. More water color techniques (Flower has turned into a watercolor fool), and poetry. This week I had the kids divide up in to groups. On group wrote a Trochaic refrain, then gave their refrain away. The next group wrote a stanza, using the refrains theme, in Iambic. We are having a great time in Poetry- which might seem crazy but the kids laugh and laugh. I love how we have a group of 8-16 year olds, of all sorts of talent and ability and the amazing writing they are doing collectively and individually. It is really thrilling to see them in the room, tapping out meter, wrestling with words and laughing out loud, every single week. Love that. 

We had rain this week and it is budding and greening up around here. Of course, 'cause it's spring, the wind has to blow, so we've had plenty of that too.
We watched The Imitation Game. A brilliant mind and a tragic ending. Bizarre how Bruce Jenner is willingly undergoing the same type of treatment that pushed Turing to suicide and is willingly castrating himself, complete with media fan-fare. What is considered torture in one age is considered privilege and enlightenment in another.

Roman Roads Media: The Greeks
Veritas Press Self Pace Curriculum,
Artistic Pursuits- Sculpture
Grammar of Poetry
As you look at putting together High School Homeschool, check out
Homeschooling High School
Cause the news, you know, can't report anything not politically correct. These students were sorted out: Christian/ Non-Christian. The Christians were then murdered in cold blood. This was an attempt by Muslim fundamentalists to incite retaliation so that the blood flowed. Praying for the families left behind, for the students who watched their classmates slaughtered, for the murderers- may their hearts be changed and may God bring new life in the midst of this destruction.

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