Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Monday saw the kids at the Symphony, listening to Holst, the Planets. The symphony does this quarterly as part of an educational outreach, so they stopped the actual playing frequently to teach and explain and show a slide show. My kids wanted to just listen, but it was still very much worth going to AND it fits into our last 6 weeks of Fine Arts study at CC. Two-fer.

Cycle 3 Memory Master - Youth Medium
Flower worked herself in to an exhausted ball of intelligence this week practicing, reviewing, listening, white-boarding and mapping over 400 facts that she needs to know verbatim in order to attain the status of Memory Master. She had 2 (count them, TWO), 2 hour proofs on Friday- one in the morning with another CC Mom, and one in the afternoon with another CC Tutor. She passed, though the 6th to last question with the Tutor- what Bay is this? (on the West Coast), gave her pause. As in, I thought she was going to totally miss it. But then she started at the east coast and made her way through the Bays until she landed on San Francisco Bay- woohoo. And her final proof is tomorrow with our Director-baboom, baby. We go over everything again today but it's only 5-6 facts from each of the 7 subject areas. She said that it was the length of testing that did her in- it's just exhausting being "on" for so long.

MUS Algebra arrived and I think it's going to be a really good thing. Visual, kinesthetic and accessible. I think we're doing the total family cross-over. Flower is game, as she loves Spelling U See, and that's a good enough endorsement for her. Plus manipulative's. Gotta love 'em.

Thursday the kids dissected mussels- full of mud and guts. We divided up into groups for poetry and the kids had to write about Easter in Iambic, with a refrain. Great stuff, that. Loving how they are totally rocking the Iambic world. The week we are doing a round-robin poem with a combo of iambic  and trochaic meter and refrain. And water-color painting. Flower has been water coloring every spare minute. Amazing how a few irl techniques can inspire a kid!

Cub had 1/2 a cast removed on Thursday after x-rays. So, instead of a full arm cast he has a partial arm cast. He is soooo happy about that but c.a.n.n.o.t. wait until he has the whole thing g.o.n.e.. He has been a great sport about it but desperately hopping the whole thing is gone before the spring dinner/dance. It's hard to look snappy with an icky cast along for the ride.

Spent Good Friday at a Passover celebration with a local church/friends. Good stuff.

Did some Practicum speaker training for Dr. Dh and West River Speaker on Saturday. Super great stuff! If you in education, get yourself to a Classical Conversations Practicum. You'll learn so much 
about Classical Education, Christian Education and Teaching Science. Not to be missed! 

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