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People Keys Student Binder - TOS Review

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provides several tools to help evaluate learning styles, personality traits, career goals and more. We were given the opportunity to review the Student Binder, which includes "student keys"-workbooks designed to help students through "acclimation, retention and strength identification."

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This binder consists of several booklets 
1. Introduction, Objectives and Instructions for Students -this is a brief overview of the program and how to utilize the binder.
2. The Personality Style Workbook - Understanding how you learn, your communication strengths, limits and motivations.
3. The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook-your invisible motivators, how you prefer to receive information (auditory, visual, kinesthetic).
4. The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook- identifies how you process and absorb information (literal, intuitive, theoretical and experiential).
5. The Values Style Workbook -points out internal motivators students use to make decisions (loyalty, equality, personal freedom and justice).
6. The Career Choice Workbook -students learn 21rst Century career data that matches with their styles and how their styles best fulfilled in a work environment.
7. The Goal Setting Workbook -allows students to set realistic goals pertaining to education, career and personal development. The student is responsible for creating their own plan in writing.

 The Student Keys products are "designed to identify student's natural strengths in critical areas such as communication, learning, thinking, career choice, motivation and goal setting,
identify and enhance skills, transition from high school to college or work, develop effective test taking and study skills, encourage leadership qualities, choose realistic goals and fulfilling careers, help students learn about diversity."

The key to the entire program is the Personality Style Workbook which utilizes a "DISC" profile, classifying personalities into 4 distinct areas. These areas correlate to Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. This is a commonly used personality factor inventory.

 PeopleKeys how did I love thee? Very, very much. I have a couple of degrees in social sciences and truly value what they can offer in terms of understanding human behavior and development. Required reading for my high shcoolers includes a couple of books on learning and perceptual styles. What I love about this binder is that it takes all of my required reading in this area, puts it into simple, efficient booklet form, and shows the student how to personalize it. In addition, these are the types of tests and personality inventories that some of our kids will take as they go through college (Dr. Dh has his students take the DISC for one of his intro college classes) enter or change career fields.

I signed up for this review with my recent high school grad in mind. He did the tests (taking between 10-25 min. a booklet), we reviewed the scores and information together and then he continued to fill in the rest of the booklet. Overall, he found the Student Binder, the tests and the information contained therein to be extremely helpful, clarifying areas of confusion, offering helpful suggestions and ideas to shore up weaknesses and pointing out strengths that he wasn't even aware of. In addition, the Career Choice booklet was exceptionally useful to him as it matched up personality style with career options, listing them by how lucrative they were and the training required. He actually set new yearly goals, modifying some long-term goals in light of the information he gained from completing the booklets.

Cub, aged 13, observing all of the discussion we'd been having over the results of the booklets, asked to have his own Student Binder, stating, "It looks like fun!"

The complete Student Binder is available for $49.00. The workbooks can be purchased individually, but I would recommend the entire binder to really understand the program and for maximum benefit. For ages high school through college.

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