Friday, September 27, 2013

Grit Cooking Homeschool

We have no routine right now due to lots of loose ends and lots to do, which might completely cook my middle aged grits but we did get stuff done anyway.
Math- Flower is still cruising along with Saxon 6/5. We also found Logic Links to replace her beloved Grid Perplexors and she is, once again, a happy math girl.
First Language Lessons IV -still fun for her - she's about 1/2 done. She is also working through PreScripts and Mary Daly's First Book of Diagramming and l.o.v.e.s  it. Nerd girl.
She is reading George Washington, Dairy of a Real Payne and Little Women. Review on 2/3 of those coming right up.
Time 4 Learning is saving the day; well, often.

Cub is working through Learn Math Fast. He is on Geometry. He is working on the volume of spheres. He is not loving it, not one little bit. Biology, however, he all about. He and the microscope are very good friends- it's mechanical and so is he. And he is reading. I basically am throwing books at him regardless of genre or time period- he is a speed reader like Moi, so keeping him in good lit is challenging.  Saving Leonardo by Nancy Pearcy is on his list, but it appears that I have lost the book.
They are both going through Super Star Student together- the old version. Cheesy but good info.
Cub and Feeche played Ultimate Frisbee and went to CAPS and everyone crammed in friend time coming and going this week.
Co-op  = art, music, phys. ed and unit study; writing and geography. Today the kids learned about longitude and latitude by creating them on boiled eggs, drew Greece and ate 3 kinds of olives. Hung out at the park with co-op friends and enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather
We watched Iron Man III and Star Trek. Star Trek was lots of tongue in cheek humor, a good plot, fine acting and decent action. Iron Man was good cheesy superhero stuff. But why, oh why, do they have to show men in both, in bed, mainly necked (implying s*x) with 2 women at a time. Way to normalize perversion, all under the guise of a family friendly movie. Seriously, people. Why?!
Speaking of which, if you have kids, you owe it to yourself to  read this article. It's shocking and eye-opening about the pervasiveness of porn useage amongst young kids.

Which is interesting in light of this article in World Magazine which shows the utter disconnect between those fervently opposed to human sex trafficking, while in total denial about the role Internet pornography plays in the demand.
I have tons of amazing reviews coming up- books, magazines, on-line programs, audio downloads and CD's. Stay tuned because some of them involve give-aways!
I love Gena Suarez "Hey Mama" posts on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine FB page. Check them out!

How was your week?

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Tonia said...

Sounds like a good week. Using an egg for learning lat. and long. sounds neat - we used an orange for that! ;-) I agree with you on the movie bit. I get annoyed when they have to toss some type of perversion in there - movies would be just as good without!