Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Carnival of Homeschooling

One snafoo after another held up this week's Carnival of Homeschooling- my deepest apologies!
My tech crew gets home late on Tuesdays, but I think everything is finally fixed, working and raring to go!
Carnival of Homeschooling
Fall is kick-off season, whether you homeschool year-round or seasonally, in a relaxed or more traditional manner. Do you have any traditions for starting the season right? 20 of the Best Blogs Highlighting the first day of school traditions  Instituting a back-to-school tradition can help get everyone excited about the changes a new school year bring from Live in Nanny
Janice shares 3 questions to ask a homeschool mom graduate at Janice Campbell
Alasandra shares a different view on the Romeikes situation in Germany at The Dirty Little Secret H$LDA Doesn't Want You to Know  
Catherine Called Birdy is reviewed by Ann at Harvest Moon By Hand and comes with tons of great projects. Way to make literature come alive!

10 Tips for Homeschool Newbies by Julie of BraveWriter -inspiring thoughts from someone who'se been at it awhile.

Tips for Graduating your High Schooler from MomSchool - practical ideas from another mom whose btdt.

Chareen Rushworth of Every Bed of Roses addresses the very real dilemma of: HELP There's NO money forCurriculum! with some real practical advice!

Putting it Back on the Table: Television Watching at Time for Learning talks about an issue that doesn't get a lot of air-time these days but is very much worth re-visiting.

Sharon from Teach Me to Fly shares a short poem that shares how children blossom when able to learn away from their desk, by doing and experiencing different things.

Susan shares The first week of our homeschooling from Home and School. Need some inspiration? Check out their great list of picks for the semester!

Henry's eldest daughter writes about some of her favorite TED Talks at Why Homeschoool Another fantastic free resource that you'll want to check out!

One of my favorite things about being home with my kids is actually being home with my kids. Barbara Frank write eloquently about what that looks like for her at Time Together All Year Long.

I love historical villages. Annie Kate makes me want to road trip with wonderful words and pictures of Upper Canada Village.

Rebecca from Down a Rabbit Trail, a woman after my own heart, shares that learning IS fun at Circus Ponies and Clown Cars.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Carnival, late as it is! Next week will be hosted by Homeschool Buzz.  Submit your amazing homeschooling posts here.
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