Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Before and After Summer Projects

It seems unreasonable to me that we are already kissing October. I haven't really adjusted to summer being over and the fact that I am already confronted with weather that demands more than sandals and Capri's. There is something inherently unjust about this; especially given the fact that I spent a decade and a half of my adult life in either Sunny Southern California or the Land of Enchantment. Either way, the Great Plains weather stops for no man (or woman). Before it gets too far into the next season I thought I'd wrap-up the major projects of the last one.

Exterior house painting- this included 29 gallons of primer and paint-copious amounts of caulk, 4 ladders, men-folk dangling like monkeys from eaves and roofs, scaffolding, several paint spills and re-building the end-caps of the eaves. My awesome paint-the-house-tan is already fadding, more's the pity, but at present we live in one rocking freshly painted house.

Painted the basement floor-moved stuff, primed, painted, rinsed, repeated.

Extended the brick path to the east. Flower and I tackled this one, with  little help from Ethan and bossy knowledgable Dr. Dh.

We hayed the fields, which just makes me so happy. In addition, several more yards of trim were cut and made it up, including in the basement, and it looks fabulous. We had a mega garage sale, emptying out the attic, basement and several sheds.

More to come but when I list it that good feeling fades fast. Have I ever mentioned that this is like the never ending project? Regardless, we did get some big projects D.O.N.E. this summer and the house just gets better and better. What do you think?

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Sheryl @ LibertyHillHouse said...

Your family amazes me. Industrious to the core.

Leah Courtney said...

Wow! What a list!

annette @ A Net In Time said...

i miss being able to hay... I want to hay again! (hold on... hay is rather scratchy... do I REALLY want to hay again????) :)