Saturday, January 26, 2013

Share It Saturday - Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter: The Complete TalesMiss Potter Poster
Flower asked and received for Christmas the complete works of Beatrix Potter (here is a fun site with tons of info about her). It is a lovely book, complete with slip-cover. She has spent many happy evenings propped up in bed with this book in her lap. Only 2 stories to go and she's finished the tome. We did a little Beatrix fest this week and read some of the stories together and then watched the movie. Have you seen it? It is a sweet little flick with some fine acting. I love some of the bonus features that talk about what an innovative, forward thinking woman Beatrix was. Not only was she an amazing artist and illustrator, but she was a true blue conservationist.
I love knowing and understanding the lives of authors. Who's your favorite?

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