Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saw Love

We haven't been doing too many really cool homeschool lap books, unit studies or crafts, much to Flower's chagrin. Mainly 'cause, in our spare time, for the past 2 1.2 years at least, we've been working on our house re-build (for more info on the house, go here and here).
We just have a couple of major projects left. This does not mean that once we get those projects done, we are finished with the house. It just means that  we are living in a house that is as finished as most, more so than others, and still has room for improvement. Those projects are:
(drum roll please)
Cutting and affixing the wood trim on the second floor
Re-finishing the stairs and trim from the 1rst to 2nd floor.
One of the reasons this project has been left waiting is because we didn't plan on doing it at all. It really wasn't until almost a week before we moved back in (several months after the fire) that we decided to take out the old trim. We thought we could save it because the fire and water damage was minimal.
Enter Dr. Dh's Baby Bro.
He came to visit and to help put up the basement ceiling a couple of months before we moved back in and almost had an asthma attack every time he even got near the second floor. Why? Smoke, trapped in the wood trim.
There was a lotta trim. 12" kick boards, 6" trim around all of the windows and doors. This old house kinda trim.
So out it came, we bought more wood, stained more wood and then parted ways with our contractor.
But now we have a saw- in part thanks to aforementioned Baby Bro and Dr. Dh's Mom and Dad.
A saw for your 50th isn't a cruise or anything, but when you have hundreds of yards of wood trim in every closet in your house, it's almost  better.
Today, Dr. Dh and Cub put it together. I know it's not your run-of-the-mill homeschool "Share" but dry-walling, grouting, brick work, painting, and handling tools have been a huge part of our homeschooling endeavor for the last 3 years (see here for the list of projects completed in 2012).
And really, what could be better? A boy and his Dad, and a big old tool that cuts stuff.
I just heard Cub say from the living room, "This is FUN, Dad!"
Love that!

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