Friday, January 25, 2013

Hard Winter Homeschool

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Comfort zone? What is that?
School has been getting done in the most oblique fashion. Spelling (sequential spelling- thank-you Don McCabe), Math (Saxon), Perplexors (finally got more - Flower is in deductive reasoning heaven), Science (lots) reading and writing. We finished Famous Men of Greece from MP; next up, FMORome.
 Feeche has been reading The Economist almost daily and spending lots of time studying the wall map. He's my map nerd anyway, but even he has been challenged to find some little known places. In addition he has some interesting running ocmmentary on the issue of France. Love that.
Cub has been pouring over old library discarded Lee Ames Draw 50 books. He is mastering the human figure in action with an Action Figure Twist. A man going over a pommel has been transformed to Tarantula (Spider Mans' ds). Foreshortened everything. This is the kind of thing that makes my inner artist sing with joy.

Good Reads- Dr. Dh has gone through the Divine Conspiracy by Willard again and is now re-reading Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus. Me-LeGuin. Finished "Gifts" which I like very much- terrific YA discussion about family legacies, crafting ones own life, honor, respect and the power of words. Also The Wizard of Earthsea. You know that part in The Princess Bride where Humperdink is spitting at the Minister, "Skip to the end. Skip to the End!" That's how I felt for most of this book. I know this is heresy in the Sci-Fi world, but there it is. Cub: The Children's Homer. Flower finished the Complete works of Beatrix Potter. Read-aloud: The Bedouin's Gazelle.
It was cold in the Territories this week- often below 10 degrees, cold enough to take your breath away. In fact, Dr. Dh has been struggled with breathing since November- a couple rounds of flu and bronchitis, walking pneumonia, head cold, asthma, and more. We have gone through antibiotics, diet change, steroids, natural and home remedies, vaporizers, nebulizers, barley green, sleep studies, c-pap machines, more doctors visits and calls, and long chats with our pharmacist, nurse friends and health food store owners. He is slowly getting better, but any prayers for his good health would be greatly appreciated!
It's been a really, really challenging couple of months and we are deeply grateful for the love and support of some dear friends and family- Wayne and Mindy, Don and Ricci, Neil and Laura, Mom and Dad, Corinne, Ruth- good friends and family that have called, prayed, found equipment and offered help on every level. As Anne Lamott would write, "Thankyouthankyouthankyou. Thank-you. Thanks." Your love is healing.

I was hoping to have a brand spanking new paper bagged floor to show off, but it's a bit too crinkly- meaning it didn't seal properly. I've decided I'm a crabby DIYer. I only like projects that work (did you  hear that universe?!) as in they are inexpensive, professional looking on completion and don't trash my knees. This one was none of the above (well, it was initially cheap, but I think it's going to get more expensive).

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Nicole said...

For some reason I just really love this post. It is just so REAL and I felt like I knew you deeply the whole time I was reading it. Prayers for your husband. And I hope all things are on an upswing now.

LaughingLioness said...

Nicole- what a sweet compliment. Thank-you! And I soo appreciate the prayers for my dh ; )!!