Friday, October 12, 2012

The Dangers Of Homeschooling

The Dangers of Homechooling. It's not as safe as you think!
(I've tried and tried to upload the YouTube but it won't stick. Don't miss it, though. VERY funny).

Lego League is challenging us to learn programming, power point, hone our research skills, practice Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition, work on our team building (see the bridge they cooperatively built from sheets of paper?), problem solving and develop critical thinking skills.
Open house for a couple hundred coming up. Coming up way too fast, that is!
Then Qualifying Rounds. Oy vey. We have a lot of work to do!

Horatius at the Bridge. I finally found my copy of MP’s study guide. The kids and I spent an hour or so looking up places on the maps, meanings in the notes and generally oohing and ahhing over the whole thing (o.k., maybe that was me, but still). Cub is on verse 12 and Flower is on 9. First section almost complete. Love the rhyme and vocab and geography. It is so great. Love how lit can be a segue way into so much more learning.
Also, MP's World and State Geography, tons of math (gotta go get more Perplexors), Famous Men of Greece, Christian Studies. A good week.
Seemed like it would have been less hectic with Feeche and KB gone. Actually it was.
Less enough to be do-able.

Flower started clay lessons with our irl artist friend, Miss. Z. The best hour and a half of her week!! She chirped and chatted all the way home about how much she loves Miss. Z (cause who doesn’t?) and clay, and the class.
So, her artistic tastes are heavily influenced by the comic books and movies she and Cub have inhaled the past 2 years.
Guess who?

Read The Rich are Different this week by Howatch. Loved it.  An analogy of Cesar's life set in America between the wars, before the crash. Teaching WWS, Week 29, kids are taking notes on Ceser to do their first annotated paper. Good thing I was read up on him. 600 pages of intrigue and political maneuvering, but tons to think about.
 Also, The Single Shard as a read-aloud. Lovely story set in 12th c. Korea about a master potter who, by the dedication and perseverance of his homeless assistant, wins a royal commission.
And I'm at 52. KaBam.
The big girlies hanging out together in Kaintuk. Miss R thinks she snuck up on KB with the camera but that is KB's classic "Your very own Greek Statue" pose.


Man-hood training.

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Hen Jen said...

loved your photos, specially the last two. Love the clay frog!

your crew always seem to be doing interesting stuff, looks like a full week. :)

MissMOE said...

Always love reading about your weeks. And I think I need to suggest the Greek pose to my people. It sure beats the funny faces that magically appear with the camera!