Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buried Treasure

Doors. Not the singing kind.

While considering what color to spray paint the hardware, Dr. Dh noticed some slight green discoloration on one of the handles. Speculation about brass underneath led to some polishing. Look what we found...

(Right side is what we took off the doors, left side is what we ended up wtih after adding some elbow grease)

Solid brass plates, knobs, and fixtures; the hinges are brass plated. To get them from the point of 80 years of grim to the gleaming gold on the left took thumb breaking polishing, lots of brasso, steel wool and actually scrapping off polyurethane (which explains why they weren't further oxidated).

Looks pretty good against the doors KB has been staining and polyurethaning, dontcha' think?
If my thumb and elbow didn't hurt so bad from taking on 6 sets of these bad boys (plates, knobs, hardware, hinges), I might be in love.


Sheryl said...

Beautiful! Don't forget to re-poly the brass or you will be scrubbing it on a regular basis. (Don't ask me how I learned that lesson)


Very, very nice. :)