Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Homeschooling Success 4 U!

There's lots of talk and questions every spring from those considering homeschooling. It's always a bit frightening to take the road less traveled. If you are sitting on the fence, take heart. Here are some pragmatic steps you can take to ensure


1. Define your nightmare. If you did, or do, homeschool, what would be the worst case scenario/ outcome for you?
My worse case nightmare would be illiterate kids that lived with me till the day.I.die. I like my kids. Really. I just don't like cooking 3 meals a day, cleaning up after everybody, managing rides and schedules and laundry. The people rock. The work load, not so much. The 2nd nightmare is that I go a bit nuts. Actually, the 2nd nightmare is more my husband and kids nightmare. It does occur on occasion. Fortunately the benefits of homeschooling outweigh the nightmare (right, honey?!)

2.What steps could you take to repair the damage? You know, if the worst case scenario panned out. A solid phonics program. Locks on the door. Move with no forwarding address. Prepare the children well. Engage, or marry, a good therapist (wait, I did that (love you, Honey!)

3. What are the outcomes/benefits, both temporary & permanent of more probable scenarios? You know, if you were more successful than the worst case scenario.
My kids would be literate (and literary). They would move out, have successful, amazing lives of their own, including traveling the world, making friends, influencing people, earning degrees and money, having joyful marriages and healthy, delightful kids, laughing out loud and loving the Master of the Universe.

4.If you were forced to home school today, what would you do to get things under control? You know, if you HAD to home school.
Develop my pedagogy and plan the year, creating a seasonal and daily schedule. Order excellent curriculum, based on my pedagogy. Enroll in quality enrichment programs. Develop a life style of learning. De-clutter my house. Streamline my life. Strategize in order to get it all done
5. What are you putting off out of fear? Are you delaying making the decision because you think you'll fail? (see step #1), or because you think you'll go nuts? (see step #2)

6. What is it costing you? Your kids safety? Your kids learning environment?  What is the motivation to even consider homeschooling? What do you hope will be different if you begin homeschooling? Write the vision and make it plain.

7. What are you waiting for? Will the cost diminish if you wait or procrastinate or will the cost increase? If the cost will increase, perhaps it's time to take a leap of faith and jump on in. C'mon! The water's just fine!!

(A head nod to Tim Ferris for the inspiration for this piece)

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Jen said...

I always find that writing out the worst-case scenarios bring a lot of clarity to whatever decision I am trying to make. Such great wisdom here!

Sisterlisa said...

Humoruos way to look at it..imagine the worst and do better than that. Love it! Always looking up in all things and moving forward. Just like hiking, some terrain is more difficult, but we can make it through.