Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creatively Fit Program Give Away & Author Interview!

It's time for the final installment of my interview with artist, author and creativity coach, Whitney Ferrere. When you are done reading, sign up to win  

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Whitney, do you have any parting thoughts/ideas on creativity and home education in particular?

I know how easy it is to get caught up in the tangible aspects of homeschooling. We have certain standards and “bullet points” we have to master with our kids. Creativity Education is more subtle and easier to overlook. But if you realize that if your kids can stay Creatively Fit (they are born SO creative) that they will be happy, empowered, productive adults that will lead our world as “Change Agents” and problem solvers. We desperately need this now. Life used to be much more linear—our parents’ lives reflected this. School, marriage, career, retirement….
Now, all the rules have been broken and CHANGE is accelerating at exponential speeds. Look at the growth in technology just from when we were kids and then in just the last five years! No one anywhere can say, “We’ll just do it the way we did it last year”. It is ALL ABOUT being able to THINK on our feet and ROLL WITH the change, stay ahead of the change, etc. We need kids who can THINK and CREATE, not follow instructions—you know what I mean.
It would be great for the homeschool community to cheer each other on and support creativity. Creatively Fit may be developing more support materials, but, honestly, between my two books and my online programs I have everything here for you if you want to learn more. I can help you to get Creatively Fit and then you will know how to coach your kids.
We live in exciting times. We are on the brink…the brink of what will be up to us and our kids to CREATE! Sending so many inspired wishes your way! Remember INSPIRE= “spirit within”. It is what we share with the divine. Amen!

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songofjoy said...

I would love to learn more about how to keep my four AMAZINGLY creative children "Creatively Fit"! Thanks for the opportunity. I just discovered your blog an am very inspired and encouraged by your words. As a relatively new homeschooling mom I appreciate the way you shine "light at the end of the tunnel".