Monday, May 2, 2011

Extraordinary Living

I've been mulling over last week's books: The Necklace and Grooming the Next Generation for Success and the thing I loved about both of them was that they talked about possibilities.
What happens when a person puts forth a vision and invites others to join in? In my experience, and from what I read, even bigger things than what one would have expected.
The laws of synergy kick in and
 1 + 1 no longer = 2
 it creates more.
Talents utilized = reward

I love the scene in the new Voyage of the Dawn Treader when Lucy and Edmund are first on board Caspian's ship. Edmund had, just shortly before, been bemoaning how common he is in the "real world," how he had once been a king in Narnia. And now he is back in Narnia, a land of enchantment, a land of extraordinary possibilities. As he steps foot on boat, Caspian introduces him as "King Edmund." The look on Edmund's face is perfect; joy. He has been recognized for who he is meant to be.

Most of us these days are just commoners. Royalty is rare, which might explain why we are mesmerized with it. But I think that most of us know, on a visceral level, that we have blue blood coursing through our veins. Like Edmund, we know we are created for more than the life of commonality, even when no one else recognizes it. 

These books talk about taking something common; like parenting, like jewelry, and creating something extraordinary from it. Children who are raised, not merely for adulthood, but for eternity. As I parent, I know that if I can keep my eyes focused on the goal, instead of the immediate frustration or irritation or job undone, or my own attitude, I can set a vision for my kids that is expansive. A vision that is both deep and wide. A vision that ignites their hopes, sparks their enthusiasm, brings them joy, causes them to go beyond the mere requirements in front of them and reach for something unbelievable. I can be the parent that keeps their feet bound to earth. Or, I can be the parent, like Caspian, that announces to them and others that they are destined for something beyond the common, every day grind of barely getting by. They are destined for a life of extraordinary possibilities.

 Jewelry that is purchased, not just to be worn, but to create community and friendships. I've been involved in communities before. With people who shared a common vision, if only friendship, and it energizes, informs, gives and demands. It challenges me to be a better person, a person less focused on my self.

As a parent, as a friend, if I want to reach for something more, like these authors are proposing, I have to give up. I have to give up my own earth bound immaturity. I have to give up wanting everything pleasant and  nice. I have to give up time, energy, comfort, ease. I have to put my hand to wheel and do the hard work of extraordinary living. I have to sacrifice the mundane, every day ease and comfort of just enough.

I'm jazzed by these books and what they propose. They are speaking my language. Both Johnson and the women of Jewlia are crafting something extraordinary from the ordinary. My kinda people.

What are your thoughts?

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Cari said...

HOW? It seems like I'm soooo "tied" up with the mundane it is difficult to see extraordinary, even though I look them in the face everyday. I so struggle with seeing them that way rather than as work.

Julie said...

Me??? I'm jazzed by you and your blog! WOW! I've spent the last two days reading (when I had a minute or two) and it's been a real eye opener. I'm going to check into these books. Thanks!

LaughingLioness said...

How? Cari, that is such an awesome comment! I had one of those days myself today. Just blah. Still freezing cold and stuck on the mundane. I think a big part of it is writing down the vision. It compells you towards itself ;

Julie- thank-you! I pray that you are blessed by reading!