Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Little Blizzard Blowing...

Our back yard. Can't see the adjacent farm 1 mile away.

We live an hour away from where Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote, "The Long Winter." She had originally named the story, "Starvation Winter" but her publishers thought the title would scare children. And certainly, it would do nothing to promote the Territories.

Looking out from the font porch.
 Blizzard warning in effect. Blowing snow. All activities cancelled.


Robyn said...

You're not far from us! We have the same view out our window! We can't see the big Walmart across the street from us! Stay warm!

Karen said...

Wow - beautiful. Snuggle up and enjoy.

sunshine23 said...

I know you will think we are crazy but we are jealous!! Love ya'll bunches!!

Love Paige

LaughingLioness said...

Robyn, just finished insulating the upstairs windows- what a difference! Do you have a blizzard advisory there?
Paige- you have officially made my "crazy friends" list!
Karen-yep, it's a snuggle up day = )

Deanna said...

Fantastic! Lovely and lovelier.
Enjoy the coziness.