Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!

Happy Birthday to my oldest Baby

Miss. Sanguine on Steroids
Intellectual and random and global, a deep thinker with a killer sense of humor. (read here to see what I mean)
All Girl, skirts and curls and Bling, Baby, yet Tom-Boy enough to scale rock walls, travel for days in the same clothes, hop on a horse to ride like mad,  hike high mountains, or canoe long rivers.
A Linguist (seriously, she paused, "How to Train Your Dragon in order to translate the Ruins, which she taught herself to read during our 8th grade study on Vikings). She diagrams sentences for fun.
Creative.  "Let's manipulate this (be it words, thoughts, food, clay, etc) and modify, improve, make something NEW"
Adventuresome. How far can we Go, Go, Go,Go, Go?
a Story Teller and a Dramatist and a Singer and a Sing Languager. This girl is a walking Chautaqua, like Grandma Faith before her.
Faithful & True. Got Jesus?
Beautiful (see picture above)

Love You, Dear Heart!
It is a JOY to know you.


Faith said...

Happy birthday to your wonderful daughter!

Savannah McQueen said...

This is a great post. She reminds me of my oldest daughter.