Friday, December 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Despite the obvious sadness about the trip to TN we were blessed along the way as we saw friends and family: The Chinander's in TN- more family than anything; Shari & the Delk's: Kristen and Shari, along with my sisters, were both in my wedding. Soo good to catch up with them in person!; Mom & Dad N., Marsh and Danny, Neil and Laura & Girlies- Flower's new phrase is BCFF, "Best Cousin Friend Forever;" Uncle Dean and Brenda- Dad's only sibling, my sister and bil's and all 6 of the Rummel nieces and nephews, Dan & MaryAnn- Mary Ann went through the Ph.D. program at Fuller with Viking Man and Dan is an M.D. Not only have they written a  book , but they spent a year on a yacht sailing to Fiji; and finally my beautiful, little old Gram in Chicago. 10 days full of family and people we love.

Uncle Dean and Family
Got to see my only 2 cousins, Brad and Holly, for the first time in 30 years! So absolutely wonderful to see them and get to know who they are as adults.  They are fabulous, rock-out, fun and funny people. This seriously made me so very, very happy.

Someone I love dearly went through a treatment program and has been working the program since September. I am so grateful I could burst.

We did school this week. Latin and math and chem and science and writing and thinking skills and ETC and WWE. I will work in time lines and memory work yet this year. I will. Honest.

Last day of co-op today. The kids sang, "Soon and very soon". My friend Martha stood behind me and sang in a clear alto along with the rest of the room and it was very touching and felt like a gift she had given me- a reminder, gentle and sure, "They'll be no more crying there." I needed to hear that since I felt like crying most of the day. She lost her dad this same time last year.

The local Christian radio station encourages folks to do something nice for others just because. You can even get a letter from the station so that if you pay for someones drive-through, the cashier can give you the letter explaining that the person did something nice for you because of the love of Jesus. We heard about coming in to town this morning and frankly I was feeling sad and cynical, thinking thoughts in my own head about how simplistic and cheesy it all was. Later this afternoon it was just the older kids and I and we decided to splurge on Starbucks. And guess what? The generous people in the car ahead of us treated us and the cashier gave us the letter explaining that they did so because of the love of Jesus. Did I mention I'd been feeling sad and cynical? It really blessed my socks off. Little things. I tell my kids this all the time. It's really the little things in life. It's the little things that drive you to the edge and the little things that make it all better.

Went to Mass this morning for co-op and the priest queried, "What good thing will God do for you today?" "What good thing do you expect from Him?" Biet Midrash Tuesday and the take-away was that God wants us to ask Him. Ask Him for what we want. Ask. On TWTM forum someone challenged others to "Ask for what you want." This message continually in a season of sorrow that has left me...drained. Worn. Weary. What I want to ask for? For Him to make all things new. In my life. In my family. In my spirit. Remove the weary heartache and give me joy and peace, despite circumstances or feelings or dissatisfaction.

What good thing will God do for you today? What will you ask for?


Faith said...

I love your heartfelt musings. They touch my heart. I'm so sorry for your loss. But my, wasn't God working so obviously in your life!

What is Biet Midrash? Sounds very intriguing.

LaughingLioness said...

Thank-you, Faith!! God is so obviously working. I'm overwhelmed (on many levels!; )
Beit Midrash = Houes of Study- study is considered a form of worship) Our friend Howard Morgan (a Messianic Jew and teacher) explains that Bible study is intended to seek an answer to the question, "What is the Word of the Lord to you today?" We follow a navigator's approach: Read the scripture, observe, discuss (argue = riposte) and apply. We've been going through Gen and Exodus. Seeminly dry books but they are so rich and full of God's love and application!

Mandy in TN said...

Lisa, your writing is so full of honesty, emotion, and life (so full of you). It really blesses my socks off. ;-)

Robyn said...

What a beautiful reminder and story of God's faithfulness! I love that He immediately taught you a lesson as you drove through Starbucks! Isn't God great that way. I'm sorry for your loss. It's a tough time to lose someone dear (as if any time is easy..) Remember to ask for rest and rejuvenation He'll grant that too!