Friday, December 10, 2010

Dragons to Start With

NASA and paypal co-founder Elon Musk co-launched a rocket that could one day shuttle astronauts to the space station. It's named the Dragon. A bit of interesting fodder for speculation among the eschatology crowd. My dh is singing (have I mentioned yet that he serenades me with 70's songs on a regular basis? The fact that he remembers them all, verbatim, is both disturbing and a testimony to his auditory memory) the old Eye in the Sky song by Alan Parsons due to Virgin Galactica's logo. Nice, huh?

Kibbutz Ketura (if you remember Ketura is Abraham's second wife, from the book of Genesis) is on the cutting edge in more ways than one. Israel is going green as well as cultivating lost Biblical species.

Read The Apostle by Thor this week (Seriously, Thor is his last name, which is very cool. I thought about changing mine but Lisa Marie Thor just falls a little flat). Sue Thomas meets Kabul Beaty School. My big take-away was that the Al Queda and Taliban are totally different groups.

This is the course Chemistry takes at our house when the boys (including the man of the house) are left, home alone.

When I Am Weak, I Am Weak, writes Jen at Conversion Diaries. Um, yeah. Been feeling, not so much entangled and embroiled by the events of my life this past year, but more like a bomb hit and I live at ground zero. Been feeling weak. Very weak. And tired. And notsurewhat'snext but I really hope it includes a warm beach somewhere and lots of free time. hahahaha.

School. An out of pocket week for me and flu and head colds for the girls. Think EmerganC and videos. Besides watching things blow,  Feche is having an difficult time with Latin. Just can't get past test 5 so he is going back to the beginning....sounds like our year on so many levels. Is he frustrated. Yes, he is. And he just can't get the hang of a thesis sentence. And the One Act Play is out of the picture for the year (the first time we won't have done it in 6 years). We are both bummed. Isn't that an odd word? But we are. Bummed and bumming.

 Best flick of the season: Mostly Martha. In German, with subtitles. All about the redemption of family and love. Creating something out of seemingly nothing.  Sergio Castellitto (Miraz on  Prince Caspian) shows up as a romantic sous chef. Foodies and those who like happy endings to life's complications will love it.

As always, Jen hosts Quick Takes.


Adamant Academy said...

I am sure he will get Latin eventually review never hurts!! You are such an interesting person I love reading your blog when I get time that is lol

Deanna said...

Eye in the Sky, huh? I am glad to know I am not the only one who appreciates the musical genius of The Alan Parson's Project. lol.

Lisa said...

Lots to check out here. Hope the New Year feels more 'right'.

LaughingLioness said...

Adamant- I lol when I read your comment! Tahnk you for thinking me interesting ; )!!

Faith said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so weak. I hope you feel strong soon! It is a hard, hard lesson but we only grow through suffering. Growing pains hurt though.

Thanks for sharing all the interesting links.

TechWife said...

That chemistry would be right up our alley!