Thursday, April 15, 2010

WW: Spring Things

This week was full of spring things, thunderstorms, flowers and time at the park.

School Work: the notsolittles did tons of worksheets at the beginning of the week: math, story problems, English, grammar, science, mazes, dot-2-dots. Listened to tons of CD's- SOTW Ancient World factored heavily. Flower used some of the large art paper and is apparently drawing along as she listens. This week featured of Ziggurats. It was interesting to see her drawing process; she drew a pyramid first and then made steps coming off the pyramid. She'd tried to draw a step pyramid but couldn't get the steps on either side to match that way.
Co-op: The older kids are doing a fascinating assignment where they draw the bared roots of a complex tree, add color, add hidden features, then use ink to outline. Each one was unique and intriguing and totally different than the others. The younger kids have been watching Melody Lane by Calvert, thanks to a homeschooling family hours a way that sent us a box of amazing curriculum after the fire. It is terrific. The fashions and dos scream 1980's, which if you're middle-aged like me, is a stroll down memory lane, as well as Melody Lane, the lessons are good and basic and memorable. The kids sing the songs throughout the rest of the day, watch with total concentration and beg for more. We've also been playing Math Bingo first thing (addition and subtraction) and they LOVE it! We moved into a new unit with IEW, critiquing, and the kids panicked a bit. We spent a good amount of time talking about the difference between a book report and a critique.
Field Trips: Went to our local Breadsmith, it was easy, familiar and simple but fun and the kids made their own loaves and ate them for lunch. Then on to a local university gallery to view Termaspheres (see previous post) with friends. The younger kids were more mesmerized by the very cool water-fall wall in the lobby than the actual exhibit, but the older kids were enthralled.
Life Work: We'll spend tomorrow at the acreage again, putting a second sealant coat in the basement and working in the yard. We also brought every last thing back from the cleaning company, so all of our possessions are at this house. The couple pieces of antique furniture that we saved scream refinish me as the water damage was extensive. The garage is a mumbo-jumbo assortment of odds and ends. Lots of sorting and pitching and fixing still to do.
Extras: FecheBoy has taken it upon himself to organize meeting regularly with other writing minded friends, inspired by the Inklings. He planned a nice thinking skills game and I think the kids are working on a story together. Pretty cool, eh?
Spring Time: Ate lunch at the park with a dear friend and talked and strolled and chatted and compared lives. Her kids have been in public school for the past 2 years and we shared curriculum ideas (she after & summer schools), took in the fragrant daffodils and tulips and mellow sun and budding trees and the warmth of friendship.

Thanks for all of the great CD suggestions from last week; I appreciate each one!
Hope your week was full of spring sunshine and spring joi de vive!


Karen said...

Now that sounds like a terrific week. I'm glad spring has found you and your family.

Moonbeam said...

It sounds as if your week was wonderful. Full of book learning and practical knowledge.