Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Well Stained Mind

WTM aficionados are familiar with variations on a theme. There is The Well Drained Mind, the Well Trained Runner, etc. My contribution: The Well Stained Mind. I actually like the thought of a "well stained mind" as both an educator and as a Christian. To stain something means to have it soak in and become part of the fabric of its being. Vacuum, Wax-on, wax-off, stack, dry. KB, Feche-boy and I spent a day and a half staining several hundred yards of wood trim for the house last week.
Clamp forest, holding together our kitchen cupboards.

The basement, almost ready for insulation and dry-wall. The big iron box thingy on the left is the wood furnace, original to the house, that will soon be dispensed with.

The basement egress window, newly cut out of the wall, looking from laundry room.

The front yard is deeply rutted and uneven due to the 11 fire-trucks that parked in it. We took some of the dirt from the egress window well to start filling them in.

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