Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WW: Family, Construction, Easter and School

Easter Week was packed and fun. We had a whirl-wind visit from family We spent hours visiting stores and learned much of what there is to know about laminates, counter tops, appliances, toilets, flooring. We also managed to fit in a few board games, good food and a Happy Birthday for the grandparents.
There is always time for reading at the Gracious Heart Homeschool. It might be what we do best. Twinkle lights are always appropriate, no matter what the season.Play is a Child's Work. At least, that's what we've heard. It's taken as truth around here by characters who shall remain unnamed.

Talked with lots of contractor types: Dick the contractor, Brad the cupboard maker, Max the Plumber, Milt the electrician. Mr. Opland putting in outlets every.single.6.feet. Gotta love it. Those of you who live in historic homes KNOW the thrill we have at seeing all of those beautiful outlets!
2 male youth impersonating middle aged women during Readers Theater. Drama is a hoot. We were laughing so hard it hurt!
Life. Up close and personal.
Pond scum.

Art has focused on the Days of Creation (in keeping with our Ancient History cycle). Miss. Flower creates a life-size replica of herself.

More house stuff. We took out the west side kitchen window and expanded the bathroom. We'll extend the kitchen all the way to the west wall and curve the cupboards around, create a wall and have a separate bathroom. This creates a little cubby on the back-porch. Perfect kennel that will connect to the dog run. Happy sigh. A separate first floor bathroom.

Flower counts her loot.

The HUNT is big fun around here on Easter. It's more of a logic course. How cleverly can we hide. How strategically can the kids find? The nots0littles get a head start... mainly so they don't get mowed down!

Egg Art. Serious business.

Never too old for baskets. KB thinks I had evil intentions when I added seed packs and a trowel to hers. Low and behold I found Christmas presents that had gotten tucked away. Made for fuller baskets!
We had friends over for dinner the night before and enjoyed the fellowship of God's people. And of course, church was full of Easter lilies and the message of God's HOPE: Resurrection from the Dead. Alleluia!


sarah said...

Looks like such fun! Your children are beautiful:)

servingHimblind said...

I love Kendra's shirt! Maaan... missed 'The Hunt" this year. Sad times. Oh well. :-) Great pictures tho!!!

Mathmom and family said...

Great reading picture!