Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Modern Day Saints

I am honored to know people, irl, who sacrifice and serve those that they love on a daily basis.
My Gram, Dorothy at 93, is the care-taker of her long-time friend, Walter. She manages his catheter each and every day, stays by his side, reads to him, comforts him, cooks for him, loves him in basic and necessary ways.
My bil-Doug. He married my sister, knowing that she had MS, had babies with her, knowing that the docs said, "don't," supported and loved her for over 2 decades. Moved to a one story when stairs became to difficult for her, cared for her during exacerbation's that left her unable to walk and see and speak and do, and celebrated with her when she was able to move and speak and see and do.
My friend Michelle, who lovingly takes care of her dear husband who is disabled, even though he is still young and they "should" have time and freedom and movement and options. She cares for him each and every day in personal and intimate ways, feeds and cooks and nurtures him, has a great attitude, a great faith, a ready laugh and a ready testimony about God's goodness and love.
Circumstances differ but each of these people show a tenacity of spirit that goes beyond the ordinary. Gram, Doug and Michelle show committment to people whose bodies have failed them, loooking for and finding the art in them. They persevere and serve and love with a generosity of spirit that humbles me and makes me proud to call each of them friend.