Friday, November 21, 2008

WR: Quarterly Review

Memory Work We've been working hard on VP cards, the Foundations review and poetry. Christian Studies I is about complete and the kids and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. All of the kids have done an awesome job memorizing, understanding, map work and drawing (the temple, etc). It has been this quarters big winner.

Latin, however, I have gotten too lax on. This is going to be an area that we work on next week because it will be light in other areas, and then make a priority as the next quarter gets under way. Flower is bored with Prima Latina, it is way over her head. My only requirement for her is that she sit and listen to it, but even that is a stretch for her.

U.S. Geography has been on the upswing because everyone has an individual map and I quiz them as they i.d a state or capital. We did get the U.S. "sound-off" from Logos and have started working through that. I wish that we had done the capitals/states in state alpha order as a more systematic way to memorize them. Another minor detail gripe about Foundations. The Geography puzzles from Timberdoodle continue to be a big hit with the littles. Flower loves them.

Science & Math, KB began reading with Cub, which they are both enjoying. He is on the second book in the "Exploring Earth" series by Tiner, which are all good. He finished RightStart B and I had a coupon for the Xian bookstore so he transitioned right into Horizons 2, book 2. I realized that we need to do more math drill in adding and subtracting with double digits and multiplication. He knows skip counting through 15's but hasn't figured out that this can help him with multiplying. This is his slight hold-up and he gets frustrated having to stop and figure it out.
ScheduleFeche-boy needs a daily work chart in order to stay on-task. I am going to put one together this week-end so that he can check items off on his own. We've gotten bogged down on Confessions and he is bored. I need to focus with him and get him into the next book. He has been reading like a mad-man from our history section and just picked up Eragon. He and KB continue to plow through Logic & Math- Dad continues to Tutor a couple of days a week, and everyone is doing some great drawing. I quite being diligent about using my lesson plan book and I am feeling much more scattered. There are a lot of details this year. I work much better having just a few big projects to tackle.

Sr. High KB continues to work through IEW's Rhetoric program. Can't say enough good things about it. We haven't even started Artistic Pursuits, though she has been doing some amazing drawings, paper crafting and photography of late.
Extra Curricular We also worked on the campaign this fall, visited the One Room Schoolhouse, did several read-alouds, watched Stein's Expelled and Lou Giglio's Indescribable and today we will go to a Fire Engine cool is that?

Overall, it's been a good quarter. I need to get back to my lesson plan book, create a check-off chart for each student, get deliberate about Latin.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a very productive week. We haven't started our Latin so give me hope. LOL

Dacia's School said...

I love your pictures do you work with photography?

servingHimblind said...

Kewl pictures!! Out of curiosity tho, how come most of your pictures are of Flower? Do the boys or kb like having their picture taken anymore? :-D
"College woman"
~Princess Ouch~

Rhonda said...

Very nice quarterly review. It is so nice to get it all down-it puts it into perspective.
I have problems with my younger two with Prima Latina also, but I am going to keep plugging away at it! :)
I have better success with my older one with Latina Christiana 1.
The VP memory cards sounds like very fun and your geography too.

My Two Blessings said...

Looks like a productive quarter. We have yet to tackle Latin. Good job.


Tonia said...

I like the idea of doing a quarterly review. It helps to see what works and doesn't work for others. Thanks for sharing!

Christy Lee said...

I really do admire people that homeschool. I think that what you've done is wonderful! I hope you enjoy the caramel apple cider, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Holidays!

*~Christy Lee~*

Daisy said...

Sounds like a great week! I love the set up of your blog. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You guys seem to be moving right along. :) My 3 olders are doing LC 1, but I have decided to wait on Prima for my 7 year old for another year.