Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Scent of Celebration.

"For we are to be the fragrance of Christ." ~2 Corinthians 2:15

God's fragrance has been a theme for me of late. I have been pondering how often I don't wear a lovely fragrance that beguiles, beckons, invites. It's the common that I wear, the dishwater soaked apron, full of worries and cares. My Gram used to have aprons that were just to wear for special times, to be lovely. They acknowledged the sacrifice and hard work that goes into living but added a touch of beauty and joy to the everyday. I get so caught up in the weary-work and the what-isn't that I often just soak in that. I fail to embrace the sweet smell of what is:

My husband, full of youth and vigor,
intelligence and wit and love for me.
My 5 blessings called children that I look at with wonder,
knowing that they will stand longer and stronger than I ever could.
My extended family, that has supported and loved us,
through thick, thin and disagreement.
Our little house on the Prarie that is full books and charm and living.
My friends from years past and present,
who have challenged me, loved me, encouraged me,
mentored me, disagreed with me, called me friend.
The present, the what's to come.
The Hope of Heaven.

Again, I look down and see that I have feet of clay knowing that I am a person of Destiny-as are you- called to soar with wings like eagles. When I wear the fragrance of Christ my feet become unstuck and I take flight.

The Word of the Lord to me today is beautiful fragrance;
the aroma of Thanksgiving,
the scent of Celebration.

Join me over at Seedlings in Stone and L.L.'s grand Thanksgiving Celebration --- you're invited too! She's got the cider on... care to join the feast of posts? See you over there....)

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L.L. Barkat said...

Loved that line about the dishwater. The common fragrance has a comfort in it... and Christ in it too, I hope.

thanks for joining the celebration!