Saturday, November 15, 2008

Silver Friends

Have you ever been parched and not known it? Not even realized it until a soft and melodious shower comes and gives you a gentle soak? Yesterday, despite cold winds and driving snow a gentle rain came and quenched our thirst.

Dr. Howard & Janet Morgan

We drove a total of over 9 hours to meet some (for me) new friends. Viking Man has been corresponding with Howie by phone and email for over a year and since they were "in the neighborhood" (when you live in the boonies, the neighborhood gets larger) we had a serendipitous meeting! We spent the day with a truly delightful couple, the Morgan's, first at a deli which featured excellent food and attentive service, and then at the home of thier friend. Their friend's home was wonder in itself, a room-sized aviary, rugs on top of rugs, awards from their world class stables, glitter on the carpets -glitz & glamour, which delighted Flower to no end. They travel the globe, building up the church, discipling, healing, reconciling, befriending and laughing. And, honestly, while Howie is talented and dynamic and Janet is gifted and sharp you watch them and know that their's is a case where 2 are better than one. We've been blessed in life with a couple of couples that have exemplified what we want and hope to be as followers of Christ and as a couple- Gloria & Don, Brian & Annie, Howie & Janet.

If you'd like to gain a deeper understanding of the "Hebraic" mind-set check out thier web-site-I know that you'll be challenged and blessed.

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