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SimplyFun- TOS Review

Simply Fun Review 
SimplyFun publishes educational and fun games. We have a few tried and true games that we love and mainly stick with those. Last year we re-discovered how fun educational games were last year during Essentials, especially math games. As a result, I was excited to see how Shape Whiz could build our math acumen, while still providing good, clean fun. I was not disappointed! The goal of this game is simple- mastering geometric shapes and properties.
 Simply Fun Review
The games consists of two sets of cards:
       80 shape cards- some green and some blue. Each shape card is double sided- one side is the shape, super-imposed on a grid. The other side includes the properties of the shape- # of sides, # of angles, total perimeter, total area, # of parallel sets lines of symmetry, etc, with a total of 16 shapes presented in various sizes.  In other words, you get a whole lot of visual and geometric information on each double sided Shape Whiz card! With this deck you’ll receive blue cards and green cards. Use just one color for shorter, simpler games, and both colors for longer, more complex games.
      40 double sided whiz cards -these cards give the players geometric “clues”. The cards explain mathematical signs and symbols, area, angels, curves, polygons, and more to help you understand what the whiz card is asking. Perfect for kids who are struggling with mathematical relationships!
The game is easy to learn and can be played with 2-4 players. Each game can take 10 minutes or longer, depending on the number of player and if you are using the entire deck of 80 shape cards or not.

Each player is dealt 15 shape cards and puts four of their shape cards in front of them, with the “Whiz” cards in the middle. Taking turns, each player draws a “Whiz” card from the center and quickly looks for a match amongst their or an opponent’s cards.  Once a match has been located, the players all check to ensure that it is a correct match. If so, the matched cards are discarded. The first person to discard all of their 15 cards, wins.

This is a fun, effective and simple game to teach shapes, matching and math relationships. It’s also a great exercise in verbal speed, guess-timation and acuity. While the Shape Whiz marketed for children ages 10 and up I think children much younger could do extremely well with it.  Perfect for use at home, for game nights, in co-ops and for CC Essentials Math games!

Flower and I had a good time playing Shape Whiz- it is simple enough to use as a “filler” game for homeschool. You know, those time when you need to change it up a bit but something that doesn’t take so long that the kids think they are done for the day – a quick and fun diversion from everyday tasks.We'll be substituting Shape Whiz for our old stand-by's Mancala and Chinese Checkers this coming year to add some spice to our days!  

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Simply Fun Review

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