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IndoctriNation: the Movie- TOS Review

Great Commission Films presents IndoctriNation
How to educate one's children is one of the single most important issues parents will face. How, when and where their kids will learn will dictate the families housing, extra-curriculars, socio-economic status and perhaps much more. It's not something to be taken lightly, but I find, often and shockingly, that many parents address their kids education with a sort of laissez-faire attitude, and an expectation that the local public school will provide all that they need and more. The point of IndoctriNation is to chronicle just what the "more" is- often, as Colin Gunn has found out, the "more" has to do with a philosophy that is not conducive with a Christian or Democratic (as in Democracy/ Republic, not a party) point of view.
This movie follows Colin Gunn as he and his family as they cruise through America in a big yellow school bus chronicling the demise of the American Educational System. My literature review for my Master's Thesis was on the History of Education in America and Colin gives a terrific summation for viewers. He doesn't stop there, however, and continues to show how the educational system in America is quickly devolving from leadership and freedom-ship education to socialist training of the highest degree. He interviews folks along the way showing how we got from where we started to where we are now- we a huge educational monolith that serves up liberal values and very little in the way of academic success. 
Gunn also shows the divide within the church on public education, with clips by both Charles Stanley and Franklin Graham, one who believes that sending ones kid to a public school is clear training in paganism and one who wants to see a Christian kid in every classroom. This really sums up the debate among Christians regarding public education. I would have liked to hear more from Franklin Graham about why he believes and trusts in missionary kids in the public school forum. While this film has a definite point to make, and does a terrific job of doing so, I think it would have made the film stronger to hear this side of the story in more detail.
"Every Christian parent with a child 
in a government school should see this.”
- Cal Thomas, FOX NEWS Commentator
All told, this was a very well done film. The graphics and filming were all excellent, the script was engaging without being fear-mongering and the case studies were engaging and left the viewer wanting to the know the end of their stories (which we had an opportunity to do). We watched this film together as a family. There is some disturbing content to the film as they discuss relevant social issues, so be advised that you don't want to just turn this on and walk away while your kids watch. We did spend time pausing the film occasionally to talk about some of the issues presented. This film is a great addition to a study on education in America, apologetics or how education is the transmission of culture and exactly what culture is being transmitted by what educational model. 
If you are on the fence about public education, concerned about the state of affairs in education, or just want an excellent apologetic for alternative education, IndoctriNation, has all of that. A timely addition the debate on how we raise and educate our children.

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