Monday, February 2, 2015

Busy as Bees


So, I'm a few days late with the Weekly Report. I was going to fore go it but it was an awesome week and so here goes:

Tantara Festival of One Act Plays took place yet again this past week-end. I directed a terrific troupe who garnered laughs and applause. I'll post more pics, but for now, suffice it to say that it was  great fun, great food, great peeps. Love these kids! My plucky co-director, Lisa, had no idea what she was getting in to, but she was the best sport of all!

Feeche spent the week at the State Capital last week, shadowing the Family Policy Director and having a marvelous time schmoozing, drinking weak coffee and hanging with political types. He had a blast. Meanwhile, Mr. A, from down south, spent the week here and brought us no end of laughs, tried to convert us to Whovianism and kept Cub on his toes with literary and historical discussions and references. We were glad when Feeche came home and sad to see Mr. A take his leave. 

Now that the play is over, we are turning our attention to TeenPact, which involves some homework, prayer and letters written ahead of time. 

In the midst of the seasonal stuff the kids have 3 on-line classes that are keeping us on our toes with homework deadlines. Flower is taking a Computer Class on-line through Bridgeway Academy and I'm learning a ton of new things, along with her. Cub is taking Myths and Legends and loving it. 

Classical Conversations Memory Masters is challenging our schedule, but ohsogood if your kid can handle it. Essentials just keeps getting more challenging and better by the week. We are all learning way more than we thought we would but working hard- which is a winning combo, right? 

Blizzard this week-end so we laid low yesterday to nurse the scratchy throats and horrible, hammering headache that followed a week of non-stop action, too much fun and veering way off of the sugar, dairy and gf diet. This ageing thing- oyvey. It is not for the faint of heart. 

"Acting is acting like you're not acting." This role wasn't a big stretch for Cub. He ate and yawned. Love that kid. 

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