Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Classical Conversations Community Day

CC Family Opening. Introductions 
Community Day is what it's always been. 15 minutes of community opening- including Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer and a Family Presentation. Then, off to classes:

1/2 hour New Grammar (this week's Memory Work). We hit all 7 subjects 7 times. 1/2 hour barely allows enough time to cover it all, but we squeeze it in. We are using the Clave Beat to use our Multiplication Tables, "smart" glasses for Latin, Time-line cards, laminated maps for Geography, crazy voices and actions for the rest. It's non-stop movement for 30 fast minutes!
1/2 hour Presentation: Some kids shared their favorite Bible verse. Flower shared our 11 year farm-life Cat genealogy and favorite cat antics, which included watching the cats discover and devour Snapping Turtle eggs. Country life- gotta love it.
A puppet show on The Flood! Terrific! 
They all were!

1/2 hour Science Lab- the kids had a blast. We are slipping the lab sheets into page protectors and re-using them each week. 

The kids take it very seriously and spent the entire half hour laughing, changing things up and discovering! Check out how engaged these kids are! Most of them just met each other last week. 

1/2 hour Art (no pics this week- they were too busy eating snack, doing the art, and sharing ideas!)

1/2 hour Grammar Review (review all prior week's Memory Work). We only had 1 week to review so far; played a game, did the time line cards and song and worked on States and Capitals.

My Stick-in-Sand review game: write memory work on 3x5 cards, with a number on the back. Turn them over on the table. The kids roll a dice and have to answer whatever card they get, including putting Timeline cards in order, identifying states and capitols on a map and reciting Bible verses Simple, effective and fun!

Clean up, lunch together in the gym and then off to Essentials (Grammar, Writing and Math). A full day full of learning and laughs. Lots more pictures to follow of our wonderful CC Community Day.

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Eileen Miller said...

We are doing CC too. My son seems to love it. I'm excited to be part of the group.