Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sorting Fall

This is from my blogger buddy Jennifer at Royal Little Lambs. This could seriously happen.

It was a busy year; very busy. We did tons of stuff we loved, some things we didn't,hung out with cool folks and got through some serious academic work. There are changes afoot for fall and we are busy sorting them out. We have some awesome options available in our neck of the woods and via Internet:

The small, in home co-op is a given. Science labs, the Grammar of Poetry, maybe Spanish, maybe Art.
The other stuff is a bit more difficult to sort because of time, money, distance to get there, what they offer. So far, there is not a good, simple fit for both kids that works with my schedule, and addresses the academic needs without a lot of filler or killer drive time. We continue to sort. And not being involved in stuff is not an option, as we are social creatures living deep in the heart of country. Plus, while I'm not looking for "structure" per se, I am looking for help, in that I am super busy and can't get it all done. I'm signed up to Tutor and to Teach, so I'll still be involved, but there will be a framework already in place, with lots of structure, cool things to do, fun, community and helps.

What are you looking at for next year? Any great options I haven't considered yet?

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