Saturday, May 24, 2014

Schooling Around

This week
We are hitting Latin hard with the goal to finish First Form by the end of summer. We are on section II and the learning curve just changed angles a bit- iow's, it's hard to keep everything straight and Flower and I are working through the workbook with text in hand.
Perplexors, just 'cause they are that fun. We are almost done with "More" Level D. We'll miss them when we are done.
German, served up daily via Rosetta Stone.
Notgrass America the Beautiful.
Spelling U See.
MP Geography
Tons of reading. Just tons. Cub dove head first into Little Britches this week and l.o.v.e.s it. I think he just found a new favorite author.
Flower is immersed in Narnia. When she's not reading it, she's watching it and listening to it as well.
And throwing in some Anne of Green Gables in along the way.
And don't forget lines. As in red and yellow and purple and aqua and blue and....throw in some thees and thous from Puck and the snarl or two of a saucy sea hag and that's about rounded out our week.
Summr Stuff
A fun list of 100 Things to Do this Summer, Summer Fun Board

We know it's summer around here, even if the weather doesn't cooperate, because we are in the midst of Drama Camp season. The high schoolers are performing a musical this year, meaning weekly choral practices and then 2 weeks of practice prior to the performance instead of the usual one. The performance will take place at the same college theater that the yearly winter Festival of One Acts takes place. Good stuff, that, though the younger kids will still be performing at a local parish school, complete with 1960's stage. A week later, many of those same high schoolers will gather together to practice 6 hours a day for 6 days to bring us A Midsummer's Night Dream at a local outdoor theater in the park. 
The kids and I will be going to south for a couple of days for CC training and they will do kids camps there, we have a Speech and Debate Camp down south as well and then I'll be teaching IEW at a 3-day CC Practicum in the Hills. Fun times. Throw in a LIW field trip, the boys working, with Feeche traveling out of town many weeks, this summer (if it ever really gets here) is going to blow by. 
In case you missed this on the GG FaceBook page this week:
What that means on a practical level is that we have to stop fretting over every little detail. We need to stop comparing. We've got to drop the self-inflated view that we are the be-all-end-all of whether the education we are offering our children is going to be as successful as we hope it is. After all, our job is not to be successful- success itself is entirely beside the point.

It's faithfulness that He wants. God is good! He isn't going to let us pour out our hearts for our children only to be left choking on the dust of our mistakes. ~Sarah Mackenzie

It finally warmed up. From frost on the ground last week to 89 today. Loving the warmth. We spent tons of time on the porch this week- complete with table and chairs so there's a work space; and in the yard, reading history while playing with the kittens.
The kittens are totally adorable, though, sadly, our Momma Cat has gone missing. Living by a river affords us lots of predators. Thankfully, the kittens are surviving on chicken bones and kitten food, but we miss our awesome MommaCat.

Social Commentary
Conflict in Literature - INCIDENTAL COMICS

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