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Victus Study Skills -TOS Review

Victus Study Skills Review
We recently had the opportunity to review the Victus Study Skills System and used the  Student Workbook and Teacher Edition. You know I love Dorothy Sayers, and anything with a quote by her on the front cover, is almost a shoe in for me:

"For the sole true end of education is simply this:
To teach men how to learn for themselves;
and whatever instruction fails to do this is an effort spent in vain."
The ability is something we expect from every student. Often, however, we fail to take time to teach the actual skills required in order to be an effective student. In fact, maybe you aren't even aware that there are tools that you can learn and teach in order to really rock at studying.

Victus Study Skills System  delivers an explicit system that allows the student to own the ability to study. Regardless of whether something is a favorite or dreaded subject, their is genuine interest or genuine boredom exhibited, by the time the student completes this course, they will have the skills to be an effective student in any area.
Victus Study Skills Review

We received both the Student Workbook and Teacher Edition. Cub and I worked through the books together. The Student workbook is a slim, unobtrusive 68 page comb bound volume. The Teacher is a bit thicker, with tons of resources.

There are 3 areas covered in this study skills system:
Where is the student now,
where does the student want to be and
how does the student get there.

Where am I now is an inventory that covers current study skills and learning styles. Cub is a solid visual learner, but what surprised me was that he scored highest on kinesthetic learning. He is my fiddler

Where does the student want to be covers mission statement, goals/priorities,

How does the student get there covers time management, study environment, the PQRST system, note-taking, test prep and study skills.

In the Teacher Edition you'll find an Introduction the the Philosophy behind the program,
Section 1- Teacher Instructions,
Section 2- Lessons for the 3 areas stated above, delivered over 10 lessons. Each lesson includes a Purpose, Preparation and Procedure.
Section 3 is the Appendix and In addition there is an appendix with great resources such as organizational systems, time management assessments, mnemonic devices and more.  Comprehensive information to round out and deliver a complete lesson with very little teach prep time.

This is a comprehensive and excellent study skills program. It is recommended for students 5th grade and up. Cut is a rising 8th grader and found some of the material just "beyond" him. For instance, creating a mission statement 5 years ago, now, 5 years from now and 10 years from now simply left him puzzled. 5 years ago he was 9 and his mission was simply to get outside to play as quickly as possible. Some of the questions are more appropriate for older students with more life-experience and age appropriate clarity of the future. It's easy to go quickly over areas that might not be applicable and get to the areas that will be meaningful to every student; for instance, organization, study skills and time management.

This would be an excellent program to do individually or with a small group, for adult learners returning to school or for students of all ages who aren't clear about how to study.

I recommend every student entering high school take a study skills program. There are several on the market. Victus Study Skills System  is one of the best- simple, straightforward and comprehensive.

Teacher's Edition Physical Copy $40.00
Student Workbook Physical Copy $20.00

You can find Victus Study Skills System on Facebook and Twitter:
Twitter: @VictusStudy

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