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Weeding out Wheat- BoB Review


For the most part our family has been on a version of the Elimination Diet since last May. Think sugar, dairy, legume, caffeine, gluten free with organic whatever is left. I'll be honest with you, most of it was pretty easy. We've always been a soda-free, sugar-lite family anyway, so the sugar was a no-brainer to part ways with. I've been allergic to dairy for forever, so giving that up was a piece of cake. The boys, not so much, and we continue to go through almond and coconut milk at the speed of sound. Caffeine, oy vey, I do love me some java, but since finding this I don't even miss it (which is saying a lot, but that's a whole different blog post).

Gluten, however, which is found in about everything, has been a bit more challenging. Especially when you live with a bunch of high metabolism men and boy who work out. As in, work out. They eat food, lots of it and if they don't get carbs and bulk they are 1) starving all of the time (as in, more than usual) and 2) snarly (due to point 1).

So, that's our back-story. This book piqued my interest because I wanted to hear from someone besides our amazing, local, crunchy chiropractor and Monsanto haters just what the scoop was with wheat. 'Cuase you know it's cheaper than couscous and quinoa, right? Easier to get, easy to cook with, bulk meals up and fill empty stomachs with. So, if there was a way around wheat free, I was all ready to replace my Bosch mixer, crank up the ovens and bake us some bread.

Well, here's the deal, according to authors Luke and Trisha Gilkerson; the wheat we get today is fundamentally different than the wheat of previous times. The Gilkerson's are Christians and they actually approach this Weeding out Wheat project from a Biblical perspective. As in, if wheat is the staff of life in the Bible, used in countless analogies in both the Old and New Testament, what's to worry about. Well quite a bit, thanks to modern farming techniques and practices.

So fundamentally different that the following can be considered wheat fed diseases: digestive problems, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, PMS, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, infertility, miscarriages, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, depression, autism, hyperactivity, schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD, weight gain, sleep disturbances, nutritional deficiencies, and tooth decay. The Gilkerson's explore and explain in detail how this could be and what you can do about it.

That's quite a list and I know what you are thinking; it's vague and comprehensive enough to mean almost anything. So, let me share with you how going wheat and gluten free has affected certain people in my own family. One of my kids has had "allergy" bruises under his eyes since forever; has been hyper sensitive, easily upset and frustrated, even more so since our house fire. Since early June those bruises under his eyes are g.o.n.e, he is much calmer, more focused and back to being his delightful, funny, engaging self of early years. I can actually always tell when he's been eating bread, because his frustration level sky-rockets. It is such a dramatic difference that HE can and is totally willing to show the self- discipline (most of the time) needed to feel better by not eating bread. As for me, my elbows are no longer "catching" and popping all of the time. These are the elbows I ruined hauling wood, that I thought would just hurt, snap, crackle and pop for the rest of  my life. Nope. Wheat gone, elbow pop, including pain, gone. Love that.

What you'll find in this book: the why and how of how wheat has changed, how it affects you and what you can do to change things up to eliminate the SAD from your life. At just around 100 pages, this is a fast and easy read. It will cause you to think, and possibly, re-evaluate, your own wheat eating practices.

Are you up for making some healthy changes in 2014? Weeding Out the Wheat is a great place to start.

As for us, we're committed to staying on our odd little dietary path, which includes wheat free living. We're in great company with others who are seeking out alternative answers to health issues, and are feeling better than ever.

 Want to know more? Author's Interview
 Luke and Trisha Gilkerson
Luke and Trisha are the primary authors behind Luke is the author of Christ in the Commandments and The Heart of Humility, devotional studies designed for families to read together. Trisha is the creator of the Write Through the Bible copywork series, workbooks designed to help kids practice handwriting and Bible memorization at the same time. They are also the authors of Weeding Out Wheattheir first book written together. Luke and Trisha are the proud parents of four crazy boys.
Read more about Luke and Trisha, or visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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Thanks for the glowing review, Lisa. It was enjoyable to read. Glad you got a lot out of the book!