Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Recipes- Date Truffles

For those of you not in the social media share group (and why aren't you anyway?) -- Sorry for those of you not returning, this is just for the 2014 Crew folks (sure am gonna miss y'all!)

For the 2014 Crew year, we will have both Blog Carnivals and Crew Round-Ups, alternating them every other week. We won't be using the term "Blog Cruise" any longer. 

Blog Carnivals = Blog Cruises -- you know what those are -- new-ish inspired posts written around a central theme. 

Round-Ups are a little different -- they are simple collections of blog posts (old or new) that also center around a theme, but are different in that they are more collections of posts on things like recipes, books, printables, holiday ideas, etc. -- more useful collections, rather than inspired writings, like in the Carnivals. You can submit up to 3 posts for Round-Ups. 

For the month of December, we will only have Round-ups, to make these easier on everyone. Most of you are already aware of this and have signed up for the first Round-Up -- Christmas Recipes. The next two up are Christmas books and Word for 2014. 

You will have access to everything for the other 2 when the forum re-opens. But for the one publishing next week, I need your links now. I will close out this form on Friday (I've extended the deadline), so if you have not yet dropped in a link, you have time. You can do that here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BjxdBk9cDMY3QLAvDOlb4uWFdm5bo3O20WO51C-XhqM/viewform

Another change is that we won't have a "button" that reads "Blog Cruise" anymore. Instead, I will be sharing the graphic I make for the post on the Crew blog with y'all to put on your blog posts, if you wish to. You can then link to the anchor post for all of the Carnivals and Round-ups from the graphic. 

Here is the graphic for the Christmas Recipes Round-Up. You should be able to right click and save it to your computer to use. Feel free to resize it. I've left it big for those who like large graphics.

Date Truffles - for guilt free holiday indulgence, even if you're eating clean.

 · 1 cup Almonds
 · ½ cup Cashews
Chop finely. Add in:
 · 1 cup Coconut oil
 · 2 cups Dates (or equal amounts dates and raisins)
Form in to balls.
If you want, roll them around in one of the following:
 · 2 Tbsp. Cocoa Powder
 · Extra Coconut

Yummy, goey, holiday goodness that's good for you.

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