Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nitty Gritty Week of Summer!

This past week has been the Crew Blog Hop. You have GOT to check it out if you haven't already- tons of topics! And for you Pinterest fans, HERE's the Pinterest Board of the Hop. So MANY GREAT articles. If you need inspiration, compassion, great ideas, this is your go-to place!
Here are my articles: lots of words, there. Lmk what you think! I readand cherish every comment!

#1 Organize You, Your Stuff, Your Space, Your Students
#2 Show UP
#3 When Sanballet Testifies Against You
#4 The Dangers of Teaching Truth in a Post Modern World
#5 Staying the Course / Finishing Well -when to stop, when to re-asses

Have you signed up for the TOS Expo yet?
I have a FREE ticket to give away. Leave a comment and tell me why you'd like to win and "friend" GG by Google, networked blogs or email. It's that easy!
Extreme De cluttering : So, this week-end we had a 1-day curriculum/book sale for homeschoolers and then a 2 day garage sale. Our schedule for the week included cleaning and pulling stuff out of the shed, barn, 4 floors of the house, pricing it, etc and then selling it all for a couple of days. The good news is that we have extremely de-cluttered, made a bunch of money and met friends from area FB pages and on-line forums. Fun times! So GREAT to meet so many people irl- love that! Traded garage sale stuff for a box of organic fresh from the farmer's market veggies from a vendor who stopped by. The cukes are amazing! love that! Time for bed. We are all exhausted!

Have you checked out my latest review:  Bible Study for All Ages? GREAT program! Stay tuned for Notgrass' American History, Child Brain Development, a on-line Virtual Assistant Training Program, and much more!
Watermelon "cake"
I am in love with the thought of this. Gotta make it before summer is over!
Watched Fiddler on the Roof this week-end. Cried from about mid-point on.
topol in fiddler on the roof
Saw it in 3rd grade as a school wide field trip and couldn't believe my tough as nails teacher who cried through the whole thing. I get it now. Read parts of Chaim Topol's autobio last year. Such a brilliant actor! And brilliant film.
They always sing the Shabbat blessing over the children at the Adat we infrequently visit. It is so powerful to see all of the children, young and old, and even those who feel child-like, under a canopy, while the congregation sings a blessing over them. Powerful stuff, that.

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